FINALLY Feel the ENERGY you need to go the DISTANCE for round after round ...

Use my proven formula ... Don't leave your game to chance & waste any more time with inconsistent play when you could play way better!

Let me guess...


Most golfers play undernourished, dehydrated, tired, achey, tight, lose focus and experience dips in energy throughout a round of golf.

You are not alone! And it isn't because you lack willpower, don't have enough time, or you're just lazy. It’s not your lack of follow through or even desire. It’s because you’re focusing on the status quo eating.

Most golfers don't realize how much more consistent and energetic they can be when they play. Most don't understand that they can recover quicker and get back on the course without pain killers and numbing techniques.

Truth time, you can’t ignore the downward spiral your performance goes down when you use quick fixes like caffeine, sugar, alcohol and pain killers to make it through.

I know that staying healthy, hydrated and fueled well can be HARD with the long rounds, limited food choices and the logistics of being outside in the weather. I suspect you've packed snacks before or grabbed what's available at the halfway house or just not eaten at all.

The answer to consistent energy, effort, focus and muscle support is to strategically fuel up your talent and skills before, during and after golf to gain consistent energy, power and health.

If you think you are doing okay, I don’t blame you. Food and drink are not the only big issues with your game. But food and drink ARE impacting your ability to use your power, hit the ball solid and use your finesse. I would have agreed with you until I saw the huge difference my diet had on my body composition, energy, mood and inflamed joints. And I've seen the huge improvements in my clients' performance too when they used my formula developed over 11 years of nutrition coaching, 28 years in fitness with 16 years specifically in golf.

We can at least agree that you don't consistently play at your peak performance and there is always room for eating better.

Does This Look Familiar?

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Hi, I'm Pam Owens

I’m Pam Owens, owner of Pam Owens Fitness, Fitness Director at Royal Oaks Country Club in Houston, and creator of FUEL UP YOUR PERFORMANCE.

  • Named three times to GOLF DIGEST Top 50 Golf Trainers
  • GOLF DIGEST Certified Fitness Trainer
  • One of the first Kinstretch instructors in the world and currently still qualified to teach this method
  • First Level 3 Titleist Performance Institute instructor in Texas
  • Certified PN2 Nutrition Coach
  • OnBaseU Hitting & Pitching Fitness Pro
  • Experienced Coach for MLB, MiLB, PGATour, Korn Ferry Tour & amateurs of all ages

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I know how frustrating golf can be! Especially when you're stuck on the POOR FUELING CYCLE of eating sugar, processed snacks, caffeine and using ibuprofen to make it through a round. Years go by and you have shorter drives, injuries and aches, longer recovery times AND a bigger waistline.

Thankfully, I created the FUEL UP course with 5 key pillars to help you discover how to stop the cycle of poor nutrition, chasing hydration and playing in an achey inflamed body so you can use your talent and skills consistently in the game you love.

With my formula, you will see a dramatic difference in your energy, feel more focus and stamina and take 100% control of your health and performance. You'll use your skills like you always wanted to!

If you're a golfer who wants to eliminate "unforced errors" from questionable nutrition and drink, then I hope you'll join me for the custom-focused FUEL UP YOUR PERFORMANCE discovery.


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The 5 Key Pillars of FUEL UP YOUR PERFORMANCE are designed to help you take action in simple yet strategic ways that work for golf. Implement these actions naturally and easily without counting calories or spending hours thinking about it.

Over the course, you'll discover how you should feel plus learn how eating the right balance of food for golf will give way more energy and consistent focus, and muscle support perhaps for the first time in your life!



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We’ll LIGHT THE FIRE so that you stay competitive with sustained energy, focus and power for the duration of a round. Eliminate unforced errors caused by gaps in focus and mood swings.

You'll understand how to choose food to maintain a steady state of energy to avoid dips during your round. You'll gain a broad understanding of the composition of foods because all foods are not created equal! We'll cover macros needed and some really cool pro golfers' tricks on how to get your hydration.


We'll make sure you avoid the common mistakes in food and beverage choices before, during and after golf so you minimize inflammation, injuries, recovery time, energy dips and a lot of frustration.

And we’ll strategize on how to make easy-to-obtain foods and drinks work to combat inflammation and the stressors from golf and repetitive force on the body. Recovery needs your attention so you can get a handle on reducing tired/achey joints.

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The #1 reason golfers gain weight or feel sluggish on the course is they eat the wrong amount/type of food often due to not feeling satiated. Healthy, balanced fueling will keep you satisfied but not stuffed and you'll gain insights on finding the right balance to stay sharp without gaining weight around the waistline.

You'll know what steps to follow to slim down to move more freely. You will also learn a simple portion method customized just for you to help you know what your body actually needs to perform without gaining fat.


We'll dispel the myths and noise about fake "fit" foods as you discover your best foods & supplements for golf and workouts to ensure you get all the right nutrients and feel satisfied for lasting power, quicker recovery and health. We'll cover the standard recommended supplements to make sure you get optimum levels of nutrients.

With support and accountability you'll learn to apply my Pick 3 template quickly and easily with the foods you prefer. You'll gain confidence knowing you are building long term health as well as helping your game that very day.

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Using the previous four pillars we’ll put it all together for best timing of foods before, during and after a round for early or late tee times with other key considerations for easy digestion, heat and weather and recovery and travel challenges.

You'll know how to confidently make healthier choices, and discover even more reasons how food matters for golf performance. Your enjoyment on the course will magnify as you see your power appear and as you use your talents and skills without restriction.

Learn the 5 pillars PLUS... YOU GET 3 INCREDIBLE BONUSES

(VALUED AT $379)

Your FUEL UP YOUR PERFORMANCE journey should continue beyond the 5 units and I don't want you to feel unequipped to implement your fuel up plan on the golf course in all situations. You'll totally use these bonuses which are worth the whole cost of the course!

Make it stick...



(valued at $100)

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BONUS #1 BIG TAKEAWAY: I created the one-page FUEL UP CHECKLIST to use quickly and easily every time you play golf. ONCE you've learned all the key pillars, this checklist will keep you going strong after the course is completed.

Don't miss out when you can customize with certainly...

BONUSES #2 & #3


(valued at $279)

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You actually NEED the Personalized Macro Guide (PNG) to pinpoint your best nutrition so I've bundled it with the FUEL UP course.

This Guide is customized just for you. In fact most participants feel like the Guide answers many nutrition questions they've had for years!

These really valuable BONUS #2--customized for each & everyone--and BONUS #3--a private coaching session--will propel you:

  • if you need to lose weight/gain muscle (this Guide is where I start with all my private clients)
  • to get started TODAY easily with one focus area (you'll learn what is reasonable to expect)
  • eat the right amount of food at each meal (you'll know what your body needs)
  • easily judge the portion sizes that are right for your body and goals (without the impossible task of counting calories)
  • choose foods based on your eating preferences (yes, your preferences... mediterranean, low-fat, low-carb, keto, balanced, plant-based, etc., and the foods you prefer!)
  • easily track your food intake if you want & stay consistent (if you can track your golf score then you can track your macros just that easily)
  • build your daily menu using the sample meal ideas (with "eat more, eat some and eat less" suggestions; and protein, fat, veggie and carb complete lists resource)
  • target the correct adjustments for ongoing results

You will have everything you might need in one guide. It's incredible to have all the tools you need, accountability and coaching to improve your game all right here at your fingertips in a historically successful method that doesn't mean you eat weird or have to become a fulltime nutritionist (cause you want to play more golf, not fret about food.)

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The PRIVATE ONLINE COACHING SESSION is a favorite and of high value due to my experience with golf performance on and off the course. This special session takes place when you've had a chance to complete the 5 units. You'll be able to test and try your new FUEL UP plan. And we all know that when "real golf-life happens," you'll be in situations that will test what you think you know.

In this call, we'll address all those sticky points, roadblocks and questions that come up as you implement what you've learned. Plus we'll use this bonus session to clarify anything needed which helps you embed new habits and keeps us all accountability. You'll want to get this call scheduled and completed within 3 months of starting the course.

Bonuses Total Value = $379

$497 for the course + $379 Bonuses

You get it now for $497 $249 --- you get this engaging, online course plus all the BONUSES designed to help you gain control of the fueling routines that keep holding you back so you can now play to win!


WHO? FUEL UP is for you if you're a competitive golfer who wants to get better, get healthier, improve your body composition, and not let your body become a victim to convenient unhealthy status quo eating.

This course is for you if you want to control the fueling, hydration, and recovery aspects of your golf-life. We delve into golf course food and what to use before, during & after golf. Yes all three.

My system can also improve your health, energy and fitness efforts away from the course even at home, travel and in the gym.

WHERE? You'll have your own password protected area inside my course portal. Here you view the video of me teaching golfers the units just as if you are there. You'll also use a worksheet and handouts to nail down your application.

During these sessions, I coach you through each and every absolutely important concept of the FUEL UP system.

We'll also access to reach out to me anytime during 3 months after purchase so you can always be clear on how to implement the concepts.

I've taught the FUEL UP method for years and it is easy to use and will change your game and your health.

WHEN? You'll gain access to each of the 5 units instantly when you sign up and have access for 3 full months. I will guide you through each unit.

Each unit is a webinar replay of me coaching you and golfers on each topic and includes real questions and discussion. Each unit has an action guide for taking notes to implement the concept taught plus other resourses and useful downloads.

You'll receive an invite to begin Bonus #2 & schedule Bonus #3 Private Session with me. I'll be your coach and available to assist, answer questions and guide you to your best fueling.

Reminder: All units are available on replay at your own pace for 3 full months. If you need more time, please let me know!


from the GOLF COURSE

Eliminated Energy Dips on Back 9...

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UTEP Alum, Canada

"After breaking down our extensive ShotLink data we noticed a recurring loss of focus in the middle of the back nine. We attributed this to poor nutrition. With Pam’s expertise we were able to identify the proper snacks and when to consume them. Pam helps ensure I have the mental and physical edge needed to compete against the world’s best golfers from the 1st tee to the 18th green."

With Pam's help, Roger Sloan dialed in his on course performance with better breakfasts, more frequent snacks during competition and they made sure he had the right balance of food/drink on the course to control mental fatigue that comes with the high pressures of PGATour competitive golf.

Eliminated Back Pain, Gained More Consistency & Distance!

"Working with Pam on nutrition & fitness has been a major transformation for my health. So far I have lost 22 pounds and 12 inches but the best part is the elimination of back pain while gaining consistency and distance in my golf game!"

Chuck Carr, Avid Golfer and Scientist

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Keeps Energy Up Throughout Round...

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"Pam's nutrition advice helps me keep my energy up through the round. I am a picky eater and we came up with great healthier ideas to improve my stamina."

Heather Shake, Pro Golfer and SHSU Alum

Walking Long Distances Easier, Fitness Now A Reality...

"Walking long distances became way easier with better nutrition and health. While I still have progress to make I believe I have turned the corner and have transformed my body and mind so that physical fitness has become a reality in my life rather than just a dream.

Here I am on a great 7.6 mile Big Bend hike with family! Because of workout gains & nutrition I handled it like a
champ even with heavy pack! Program is working great."

Mark Clark, Trial Attorney, Avid Golfing Family & Outdoor Enthusiast

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Less Distractions During Golf, Satisfied for Hours...

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"I used to be distracted by hunger when playing. Now I feel satisfied for hours because I know what to eat and how often. With Pam's coaching we came up with a routine for eating on the golf course so I can now focus on playing instead of having to stop for food."

Flor Canedo, Professional Golfer, Boston University Alum, Mexico

Faster Recovery, Health and More Stamina...

"I've worked with Pam for several years on mobility and nutrition and I will always have her on my team. Her coaching has helped me beyond what I ever thought possible. She noticed when I was run down, sick and not recovering well from my workouts and golf.

She put a plan in place for more nutrients, muscle support, energy for travel overseas and for playing on back to back days. She sees the big picture and knows exactly how to help. I am truly grateful for her wisdom and dedication to stay on top of what's current in the industry."

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Kyle Pilgrim, Professional Golfer, UH Alum

As a Reminder... Here's What You'll Get When You Join

5 Units of Content and "Action Guides" to move you from knowing to doing the successful, proven FUEL UP formula. All content is accessible on replay and 24/7 to fit your schedule.

Each Video Sessions helps you create permanent behavior change so that new habits feels natural and easy.

My complete FUEL UP System which has helped hundreds of golfers gain energy, stamina and better body composition. Food is a big deal and impacts your performance in so many ways.

Access to a COACH (me) to ensure you understand how to implement each pillar to work in your situation. Questions will inevitably come up throughout the course and you'll need not worry that you are left to be confused or figure it out on your own.

Resources that hit the mark on what you'll actually use and want. Illustrations, recipes, golf course meals/snacks, at home/restaurant meal samples, food lists & photos, easy macro tracking and checklists.

BONUS #1: The FUEL UP Golfer's Checklist to easily use the fueling and hydration formula each time you play or practice.

BONUS #2: The Personalized Nutrition Guide This full 17-age guide is based on your activity level, weight, fitness goals, workout level/goals and gives you tracking sheet, food lists and recipes. It's over the top valuable! It's worth the whole course fee for just this bonus.

BONUS #3: The Follow Up Private Coaching Session so you can be assured to nail down the concepts after you've used them in real golf-life. I'm your coach so we want to make sure you gain confidence in your new routine. This is my favorite part--to get to work with you privately to discuss anything about your goals, challenges and to strategize on adopting your best fueling practices.

I can't wait to work with you!


I want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and confident that you made the right decision.

Let's be honest you'll get results when you take action. FUEL UP YOUR PERFORMANCE teaches information that requires action steps to get results.

If you purchase this program and determine I have not delivered what I promise then I will refund your course fee! (See Terms & Conditions.)

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Grab this BUNDLE for $249 now designed for you to gain control of the fueling practices that are holding your golf back so you can play to win.

You get the 1) FUEL UP online course and, 2) all 3 of these bonuses; #1 FUEL UP CHECKLIST, #2 PERSONALIZED NUTRITION GUIDE with #3 PRIVATE ONLINE COACHING SESSION

How Do I Know If FUEL UP Is Right For Me?

If you can say YES to any of the points below, I'm confident to say you're ready to dive into FUEL UP and start your better performance now.

You've asked yourself, "If I work so hard, why don't I play up to my potential?"

You want to enjoy playing golf instead of being the food police eating all weird.

You're tired of the energy dips, inflammation and poor recovery that's holding you back.

You know you can play better, and you're not going to settle anymore for anything less.

You're REALLY ready to find out how your diet sabotages your recovery, health and golf.

You're ready to get more competitive NOW instead of waiting to see what happens or try other random tips.

You want a coach who knows the golfing lifestyle and what golfer's experience.

You're ready to push through your hesitancy to discover what it's like to have more control, a great plan for better health, stamina, recovery and know you are doing all you can!




The Bonuses ALONE are worth the price...

You can do Unit 1: KNOW WHAT TO EAT as soon as you sign up.

FUEL UP is not $497 but now for $249 total which also includes all 3 bonuses!
($876 Total Value)



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Bulletproof Your Joints - SALE


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